Contour 100 Grain: Width: 1.07″ x Length 1.18″
Contour 125 Grain: Width: 1.25″ x Length 1.40″
Contour 150 Grain: Width: 1.38″ x Length 1.60″
Total weight with bleeder 100 grains.
100% stainless steel construction.
Blade: 0.050″ thick 420 stainless steel, hardened to 50Rc.
Ferrule: 416 stainless steel
Cross blade/bleeder: 17-4 Stainless steel single bevel .625″ width, 8 grains. (only fits +plus model ferrule)
Dark finish on main blade and ferrule to reduce glare
Main blade attached to ferrule via permanently bonded swage process, replaceable bleeder.
Single-bevel variable pitch cutting edge with 40 degree baseline.
Lifetime Materials & Workmanship Guarantee, when purchased from KuduPoint or an authorized dealer.
Manufactured entirely in USA with USA sourced materials


100 GR, 100 GR Left Bevel, 125 GR, 150 GR

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